Friday, May 06, 2011

Walter Vaes - Master of the still life.

I usually don't post about other artists - Walter Vaes will be my first.  I thought others might appreciate seeing these paintings as much as I have.  I stumbled across some images of his on the Artinconnu Blog a while back.  Since then, I'vescoured the internet and sadly could not find much more on this Belgian artist.  I did find an exhibition catalog from Interbook International - but was dissapointed to find that the only image in color was the cover.  I'm still glad I purchased it - so beautiful is the cover image.  To me he has a wonderful balance of realism and abstraction.  I've found a few more images lately and have added them here.  The final image is one of the black and white reproductions from the book.  Oh how I wish I could see it in color!

 Thank you for your wonderful works Walter Vaes!  You have left a great impression and set the bar rather high.

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william wray said...

great discovery.