Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I'm going to sneak back in here and act like I hadn't posted in over a year! Here's a sketch I did during Thanksgiving week. Thankfully, the weather was gorgeous for the couple of days we were in Monterey.

Lover's Point - Pacific Grove, CA

10" x 8" oil on linen panel



Ryan Evans said...

Nice sense of depth in this with the warm greens working well

PS don't think anyone else noticed the gap!

william wray said...

I noticed only visited a zillion times. Nice painting you still have the touch!

PleinEric said...

Thanks Ryan... though Bill (below) disagrees with the gap.

Sorry 'bout that Bill, I have excuses which I won't bore you with. Thanks for the compliment.

Ed Terpening said...

Wow, wonderful directness here.

PleinEric said...

Thanks Ed,
I don't know of any other way to do it... Especially on location!

John Karl Claes said...

It's great to see new work...strong as always. I hope all is well!

PleinEric said...

Great to hear from you John! I hope you are well! Oh, and thank you.